Desserts To Live For

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Talia Fuhrman gives you a healthy approach to sweet indulgence. 

Do you dream about whipping up delectable desserts using only healthy, whole plant foods? Well, now you can–even if you possess only basic kitchen skills! In her new book, Desserts To Live For, chef, author and lifelong Nutritarian Talia Fuhrman shares her passion for creating healthy, delicious treats. Every recipe in her collection is vegan and naturally sweetened with whole fruit. There’s no sugar, dairy, salt, oil, or refined flour in these treats – and most of them are gluten-free.

You’ll find recipes for brownies, cookies, cakes, pies, truffles, bread, muffins, ice cream, smoothies and more. The recipes are designed to be fun to make and easy to follow. Each recipe is accompanied by a beautiful color photo, making this book a sweet treat for all the senses.

The book features 96 all-new, chef-tested Nutritarian recipes.

Chapters include:

  • Enjoy Good Health
  • Cookies & Truffles
  • Brownies, Blondies & Bars
  • Bread & Muffins
  • Pies, Cakes & Tortes
  • Ice Creams & Smoothies

15 Reviews

  • 5
    excellent information

    Posted by Sonja on Mar 9th 2022

    so far everything TASTES AWESOME

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    Beautiful book!

    Posted by Terry on Mar 3rd 2022

    I was very impressed with the look and contents of this book! I have only tried one recipe so far, although there are more that I am anxious to try soon. The one I did try was a chocolate raspberry frozen desert, and I got the whole thing finished before I realized that there is no chocolate in the ingredients. The crust was stickier than I thought bit should be, so I'm sure that is where it should have been, so next time I think I can fix it, but I was disappointed. I am still anxious to try more recipes though.

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    Desserts to Live For

    Posted by Catherine Kasmer on Nov 10th 2021

    Beautiful book but be aware that many recipes call for coconut butter or coconut milk. I avoid these high saturated fat items due to coronary heart disease risk. I bought the book for my 83 year older mom who is a plant-based heart attack survivor, so these things are not appropriate for her. What would be good is if alternate ingredients that work for each recipe were provided. Flavor and texture would have to be taken into account. That’s my only criticism. Some of the recipes are fine as is. I saw the author on Chef AJ and no mention was made of these types of ingredients. I assumed the recipes would be more in line with the diet Chef AJ promotes.

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    Desserts To Live For

    Posted by Krista Norris on Nov 5th 2021

    This is the most beautiful recipe book I have ever had! The colors are beautiful, the photos are gorgeous - the flowers, the delicious confections- the page lay-outs are so appealing and helpful. I can't say enough about the sheer beauty of the book! So far I have made two of the recipes (and am itching to make more), and they were delicious. I'm happy to have such a nice collection of healthful desserts to make for myself and my family. Congratulations to Talia for creating such a spectacular book!

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    Desserts to live for

    Posted by Victoria Khalsa on Nov 3rd 2021

    Loving my new book. As I recently started eating without oil and dairy (I’ve been a vegetarian for most if my life) I was craving delicious treats and voila! Talia’s book is exactly what I esa looking for. I received the book last week and made the flourless almond ginger cookies, the lemon cookies (which my family devoured within a day ) and yesterday I made the lemon poppy seed muffins that I love! The book has also info on the ingredients, a plus! Thank you for bringing consciousness to our eating habits.

  • 5
    Beautiful presentation

    Posted by Yvonne on Nov 2nd 2021

    I haven't had time to actually make anything from this beautifully presented Desert book yet, but I did peruse the recipes and they all look wonderful. I am a seasoned cook/baker and I can tell these are very delicious and healthy recipes with properly calculated ingredients. Can't wait to try some.

  • 5
    Dessert book

    Posted by Diane Cortese Daly on Oct 29th 2021

    Tried a few and love them! Thanks for putting this together

  • 5
    Desserts to Live For

    Posted by Elizabeth on Oct 29th 2021

    Excellent book, very healthful recipes, clear, concise directions, great variety.

  • 4
    Dessert Book

    Posted by Donna Frydman on Oct 28th 2021

    Beautiful book! Not all recipes Nutritarian friendly but enough to make it worth the purchase. Will be giving as a gift this holiday season coming up.