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The End of Heart Disease - Paperback

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Reverse Heart Disease, Normalize Blood Pressure and Lower Cholesterol

Dr. Fuhrman offers a detailed nutritional plan to reverse heart disease, normalize blood pressure and cholesterol, and protect against heart attacks. In his New York Times bestseller The End of Heart Disease, Dr. Fuhrman explains the futility of traditional medical care for heart disease. He offers compelling and irrefutable scientific evidence documenting how the right diet can be 100 times more effective at preventing heart disease and strokes, and reveals the documented dangers of using drugs instead of eating right.

An Analysis of Popular Diets, A Meal Plan and Recipes Included

Dr. Fuhrman analyzes a number of popular diets, such as Paleo, Mediterranean, DASH and others, that claim to claim to offer cardio benefits – and explains why they don’t offer effective protection. The End of Heart Disease will make you the expert, and motivate you to get well and stay well forever.

The End of Heart Disease provides a two-week menu plan and 95 heart-healthy recipes. The book also includes a Radical Weight Reduction Menu, designed for those who need urgent nutritional intervention.