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Nutritarian Planner & Journal

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Achieve Success by Holding Yourself Accountable

Keeping a food diary has proven benefits for those struggling to control their food intake, and with Dr. Fuhrman’s specially designed journal, it’s easy. A food diary is a powerful tool to help you take control, and commit to your diet and exercise goals. A journal serves as a permanent record of your progress, allowing you to document your triumphs and difficulties, and keep track of changes to your health status and medication. Recording health and weight loss goals will enable you to realize and overcome obstacles blocking your success.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Planner & Journal provides accountability, reinforcing commitment and encouraging users to accomplish their goals. The journal provides sections to write down your goals, feelings and experiences, food consumption, medication and health changes, and weekly shopping lists. Also included is a reference guide with Dr. Fuhrman's teachings on diet and exercise.