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Fallin’ for Cara’s Kitchen - Digital

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Cara Fuhrman uses healthful plant foods to create the delectable dishes featured in her autumn-themed e-cookbook. Fallin’ for Cara’s Kitchen includes 34 recipes (with photos) that range from hearty main dishes, appealing appetizers, energizing breakfasts and divine desserts – plus one seasonally-appropriate latte. (Hint: Think pumpkins. And spice.)

This is healthy cooking that appeals on a multitude of levels, with flavors that engage the palate, aromas that whet the appetite, and Instagram-worthy presentations that delight the eye. In Cara Fuhrman’s kitchen, healthful ingredients take center stage, with a supporting cast of spices, and tips that allow home cooks to customize the dishes to their own taste. Her easy-to-follow recipes, helpful hints, shortcuts and interesting food facts make it easy to create a meal for one, feed the family, or plan a chic dinner party.