Nutritional Yeast

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Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritional Yeast is preferable to other versions because it does not contain synthetic folic acid. Evidence suggests synthetic folic acid, which is chemically different than natural folate, promotes cancer growth and disrupts normal folate metabolism. 

  • Adds a cheesy, nutty flavor to dishes
  • Contains no synthetic folic acid
  • Kosher, non-GMO and gluten free
  • 6.3 ounces

Recipe Suggestion

Cashew Hemp Caesar Dressing Photo

Cashew Hemp Caesar Dressing

9 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by MK on Sep 17th 2022

    I love this on my salad!

  • 5
    Unfortified Nutritional Yeast

    Posted by Janet Ward on Jul 6th 2022

    A very hard to find unfortified, quality, nutritional yeast with a delicious flavor and aroma. Definitely worth stocking up on and a wonderful addition to your recipes or to sprinkle on your popcorn or soup.

  • 5
    Nutritional yeast

    Posted by Yolanda de la Puente on Jun 21st 2022

    I have used this product before. I think it is the best.

  • 5
    Nutritional yeast

    Posted by Cynthia L Buck on Jun 9th 2022

    Love it on my spaghetti.

  • 5
    The only one!

    Posted by Lorean Hahn on Jan 24th 2022

    Where else can you find unfortified nutritional yeast? Nowhere! obviously Deserves five stars for that reason alone! Stock up and always have multiples of these in your pantry :-)

  • 5
    Nutritional yeast. Unfortified

    Posted by Paul Fonseca on Jan 3rd 2022

    Very pleased with product the taste very good and can be used in a number of ways

  • 5
    Very Flavorful!

    Posted by Beverly Bajada on Apr 7th 2021

    This Nutritional Yeast is very flavorful. I've bought this several times and will continue to.

  • 5
    Nutritional Yeast

    Posted by Deborah Blosser on Aug 10th 2020

    Believe it or not it does taste slightly different from other nutritional yeasts which contain folic acid. I’m very grateful for this product

  • 5
    Flavor and texture enhanced

    Posted by Valerie Hendrzak on May 5th 2020

    I like this product that does not fortify with folic acid. You cannot find nutritional yeast in stores without folic acid added. I like to add to my salads for a nice texture change and somewhat cheesy taste. I also add to my bean burritos or add as a topping to soup. It seems to be out of stock at present. I hope it comes back soon!