Online Events
You will learn the most exciting and important life-saving findings in nutritional science, and how to make  healthful Nutritarian meals taste delicious. This unique program also instructs you in the most effective exercises for weight loss, body sculpting and osteoporosis protection.  You’ll get all the tips and tools to beat the attraction of unhealthful food choices too– all from the comfort of your home!
Our online boot camp and detox events can help you jumpstart your health. Recieve the education, inspiration and motivation to lose weight, improve your health, and slow the aging process.

What our participants are saying
Dr. Fuhrman challenged his online event participants to stick with the Nutritairan diet for 6 months and the results were spectacular. Read our nutritarian spotlights.
I knew when I first switched to a whole food plant-based diet nearly 2 years ago that I was never going to eat animal products again. Being a data driven physician and getting cancer was a major wake-up call. But the additional knowledge I have gained as a result of studying with Dr. Fuhrman has fine-tuned my diet, lifestyle, and thinking even further. There is no going back.
Dr. Fuhrman has changed my life forever because I will never have to count another calorie, feel guilty over poor food choices, be hungry, starve myself and then binge eat. Although my journey is not complete yet. I am well on my way and free, truly free from food addictions that are caused by the Standard American Diet. No more SAD for me! Thanks to Dr. Fuhrman! 
- Adella
I've tried and failed so many times, I had almost given up. It was having to use a cane to get around that spurred me into action. So when the Boot Camp with Weight Loss Challenge came into my inbox, I had to give it one more try because I couldn't face aging without my mobility and freedom. I am so grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for his years of hard work and dedication in this field. I now know I'll reach my perfect, healthy weight by this summer and be able to live a long healthy life because of his lifestyle plan of Nutritarian living. Thank you forever Dr. Fuhrman. 
- Carrelyn
The most important thing I learned during the Weight Loss Challenge was to not wait for everything in my life to be perfect before I make myself a priority: gyms might be closed, family can mess up your routine, sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're unhappy... TODAY is the day to put my health first regardless of what is happening today.

Certificate Programs
The Nutritarian Education Institute provides training from Dr. Fuhrman and other experts to enhance your knowledge of nutritional science and gives you the skills to help others successfully adopt a Nutritarian diet. These certification programs are self-paced to easily fit into your busy life.
Learn the science behind the Nutritarian diet
Always get your fill
Nutrient-dense, plant-based foods are naturally low in calories and high in fiber, so you never have to worry about going hungry. 
Lower Your Cholesterol
All our recipes are oil-free and use naturally cholesterol-free ingredients—good news for your heart health!
Slow Aging
Pushing the envelope on longevity doesn’t just mean living longer, it means living better. Learn how what you eat now can protect your future health.
Prevent or reverse disease
Research has shown that following a whole-food, nutrient-rich, plant-based diet can prevent, halt, or even reverse chronic conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
Lessen enviornmental impact
It’s a fact: The Nutritarian diet uses fewer resources and places much less stress on our planet